Private Flood Insurance

Flooding doesn’t just occur in designated flood zones and homeowners insurance excludes damage caused by flood. For this reason we have partnered with Hiscox to offer FloodPlus coverage, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

So, when might you wish you had flood insurance?

  • A heavy rainstorm causes water to seep under the door and damages your flooring.
  • Heavy rain and runoff fills up your basement window wells and gets into the basement, causing damage to your furnace and some personal property.
  • Heavy rain pools around and covers your basement bulkhead, causing water to get into your basement damaging your finished family room.
  • Due to heavy rain, water seeps through your foundation walls, causing damage to your mechanical devices and personal property.

Hiscox FloodPlus

  • $1M Coverage A – Dwelling
  • $100K Coverage B – Other Structures
  • $500K Coverage C – Personal Property
  • No Flood Elevation Certificate
  • No 30 day waiting period
  • Online access – Quote/Bond/Issue

Additional Details

  • Includes everything within the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), PLUS offers broader coverage and definitions; offers additional coverage options and higher limits
  • Hiscox defines FLOOD as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas due to the unusual or rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source including waves, tidal wave, tsunami, tides, tidal water, overflow of any body of water, or spray from any of these, all whether or not driven by wind (including storm surge)
  • Maximum limits: $1M Dwelling/$100K Other Structures/$500K Personal Property/$200K Loss of Use
  • No Flood Elevation Certificate required/No 30 day waiting period
  • Quote/Bond/Issue online through
  • Replacement Cost Settlement available for both Dwellings and Personal Property
  • Finished basements are covered: walls, flooring, personal property, ceilings, etc.
  • Personal property is covered worldwide, not just ‘inside a building’
  • Provides coverage for Fair Rental Value/Additional Living Expenses/Civil Authority (loss of access)
  • Additional coverage for: Debris Removal, Loss Avoidance, Mold Prevention, Trees, Shrubs, & Plants
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